Pictures aren’t so much an end goal for me as a symptom of my real interests: the fickleness of memory, the fleetingness of time, and tricks of the light.

[ I accidentally nuked my site just before the holidays, so this reconstruction is a work in progress. ]

Most of the photos here will be lo-fi images, but I also use a Kowa/SIX, a Yashicamat TLR, a couple 35mm film cameras, and various medium-format lo-fi and “toy” cameras (near weightlessness and small size FTW).

I did this (four times) and will do it again. Watch for details. I’m one of the organizers of the Somerville Toy Camera Festival. I write sometimes about photography, art, music, and randomalia on my blog (coming back soon), and I’ve written about local arts events for Big Red & Shiny’s blog.



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