The Leaf Tells the Tree’s Secrets to the Wind…


I’m beginning a project that explores certain ideas of “family” through photographs and interviews with people who represent the end of their immediate family’s blood lineage. The resulting work will include portraits/photos of individuals, combined with bits of narrative gleaned from interviews, as well as family photos shared by some subjects.

In the past, “family” was defined solely by bloodline and genetic lineage. Today, family may be defined by bloodline, genetic lineage, affinity, and/or emotional bonds. With both childlessness and the “chosen family” on the rise overall in the US, I’m interested in the experience of people who are living out the end of their immediate family’s blood line (and possibly family name as well): how they feel about being a “leaf” on their family tree, and their feelings about aspects of their family’s history and artifacts.

For this first phase of the project (July-August 2012), I’m looking for people who have no children (and will not have any), and who either:

:: have no siblings,
:: have siblings who are all childless, and will remain so.

If you fit the bill and are interested in being photographed and interviewed for this project, please email me ( so I can send you a short questionnaire. I hope you’ll forward this page to anyone you know who may be interested in being included in the project, and feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you!



Rough Project Timeline:

Late July-winter 2012: Finding subjects, collecting initial questionnaire responses

Fall 2012: Begin photographing subjects in southern New England & posting sample work on web

Winter 2012-13: Continue photographing throughout New England and tri-state areas; create itinerary for travel further afield based on questionnaire responses

Spring 2013: Travel to photograph subjects around the US.



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